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A Look At Russell Westbrook's Second Collaboration With True Religion

True Religion and Russell Westbrook have team up again for his most progressive and versatile collection to date. Westbrook served as the designer for his Fall 2016 collection which features 17-pieces consisting of denim, knits, tees, thermals and accessories that reflect his somewhat risk-taking style. Apparently, the first collaboration between Russell Westbrook, and True Religion was a hit, because they brought him back for a second round. Star power brings influence, but does it bring enough


Christian Louboutin has launched exclusive capsule collection, a first-of-its-kind collaboration, with SportyHenri.com, the newly launched e-concept store for men devoted to sport and style. You may remember the name Sporty Henri as Mr.Louboutin partnered with the company earlier this year to support the Cuban National delegation as Official Supplier of the Celebratory Outfit in the recent Olympic Games in Rio. In consultation with the athletes themselves, they created an elegant uniform befitti

VOGUE Magazine, And Their Boss Anna Wintour Host Pre-Fashion Week Runway Show For Hillary Clinton

Last night, Anna Wintour; the Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE Magazine hosted a Pre-Fashion Week Runway show in support of Hillary Clinton. Ms. Wintour hasn’t been shy about her support of the Democratic Party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Wintour is also reportedly serving as Clinton’s unofficial wardrobe consultant. Need I say more? There are a little more than two months left until the national election, and Anna is doing all she can with her power, and influence to encourage you all t

Suit Supply Releases Their Fall/Winter '16 Collection

If you know suits, then you know Suit Supply, if you’ve ever wanted a suit that didn’t have to cost you more than $1000, then you know Suit Supply. If you’ve ever been to New York Fashion Week, then you know Suit Supply. Therefore this introduction is for those who don’t fall under any of those umbrellas I just mentioned. I visited the Suit Supply store in Soho awhile back when my little brother got a custom suit for his prom, and it was there that I witnessed an operation so in tune with its cu

The Sunglasses Hip-Hop's Biggest Names Swear By

When looking back on hip-hop style through the decades, sunglasses prove to a be a consistent and influential accessory. In the '80s and '90s, dark-tinted Versace shades, as seen on Biggie and P. Diddy, were all the rage. Today, there's much more variety in style and designers (including ski goggles previously only worn on the slopes -- thank you, 2 Chainz!). Scroll through to see some of the current go-to's and where to buy them.

Is My Barber Robbing Me?

As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't ask for, and then tries to charge me for it. I'm at a quandary here, how do you feel entitled to charge someone for something they didn't ask for? His response "I need money" right so do I, and everyone else who isn't apart of the 1 percent. This is a case of greed. I'm already told by friends that I pay too much for a haircut being that it's $20 a cut and when I first move

Foxy Brown; The Mahogany Rap Bitch

Foxy Brown; the chocolate rap bitch from the 90's. First off, where is she? Can someone tap her on the shoulder for a feature or an entire EP? It's almost sad to say, but when kids born after 1995 mention female rap, they usually only mention Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Remember I said kids after 1995. With the help of the 2016 Vh1 Hip-Honors awards which honored Queen Latifah, Salt N' Pepa, Missy Elliott, and Lil Kim today's youth probably spent their time online reaching those ladies, but what ab

Why People Who Work In Fashion Are Afraid To Admit They Love Zara

I've encountered many people who work in the Fashion Industry who love Zara, but are afraid to admit it. I've walked the halls of two of the top magazine publishing companies in New York City. I'm sure you can imagine the top-secret conversations that go on in between those walls. It usually goes from who's shooting who, and for which magazine, to how angry a person is about their day, to which editor sucks, to what perfume you're wearing, and oh where'd you get those pants. Many times I've admi

Rashad Benton Interviews Designer John Varvatos At the Launch Of His New Fragrance Dark Rebel Rider

Held immediately following the John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show on July 14th, as the last official event of New York Fashion Week Men's. John debuted his latest Fragrance Dark Rebel Rider a few hours later. I was there in time to ask John a few questions before the night grew and the party got crazier. Taking place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan myself, along with more press people, and paparazzi awaited his arrival. I was second in line on a very hot and humid Thursday evening

Stop Hating on The Man Bag; It's Not a Purse!

What's with everyone and their hatred towards a man with a bag? Okay hatred may be a strong word depending on where you're from or currently live. In metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, NYC, Washington D.C, Miami, and Atlanta. The "man bag" controversy may not cause much controversy at all. Sure even in the city we have those who don't partake in the life of fashion so those people still judge. Those same people usually live in the every borough besides Manhattan "ouch" okay even some of the

Is the Male Model Overlooked?

In an industry where the female counterpart trumps the male twice-fold does the male model get overlooked? Sure it's programmed in our nature to think female when you hear the word fashion; however in an industry where the male is used mainly for his pecs rather than his runway walk, I feel we get left behind. When I say "we" I mean us boys . Why though? Why are we so overlooked when the global menswear market had a total revenue of 440 Billion dollars in 2014!? http://www.businesswire.com Take